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Why Furniture Retailers are Perfectly Positioned to Offer Home Staging Services

Posted by Winny Rotsidis on Jun 6, 2024 4:30:36 PM

The furniture retail market has faced significant challenges recently, including economic uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, and increased competition. Despite these hurdles, there is a unique opportunity for furniture retailers to diversify and thrive by offering home staging services. Here's why this makes perfect sense and how it can give you a competitive edge.

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Competitive Pricing Advantage

As a stocking dealer, you have access to the lowest tier pricing on furniture, giving you a significant advantage over most home stagers. Your profit margins will be significantly higher than most stagers in your market.

Note: We don’t recommend undercutting other home stagers on price (a practice that is unhelpful to the whole industry and will eventually hurt your own business).

In-House Delivery and Logistics Services

If you have in-house logistics personnel and a delivery truck, these assets are key to a staging business. Offering this seamless experience makes you a one-stop shop for real estate agents and homeowners.

Showroom Advantage

Your showroom is an invaluable asset! It’s the perfect venue for hosting real estate agents and their clients, allowing them to see, touch, and feel the furnishings that could transform their listings. By showcasing various styles and setups, you help agents and sellers visualize the potential of their properties, making it easier to close deals.

Existing Customer Base

You already have an established brand and customer base of homeowners and real estate professionals. Leveraging this network can provide an immediate market for your staging services. With targeted marketing campaigns, you can offer exclusive deals on staging to past customers, boosting engagement and generating repeat business.

Expertise in Interior Design

Your team’s design expertise is a powerful asset. They know what looks good and what sells. However, styling a showroom and staging a home for sale require different skill sets. To excel in staging, it’s crucial to understand the language of design and the specific principles of room layout that enhance a home's appeal to potential buyers. This is where professional training comes in.


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About Staging Studio --  offers the best in staging education with their Staging Design Professional® certification. This program provides comprehensive training in staging principles and practices, equipping you with the knowledge to effectively layout rooms and communicate design decisions with confidence. By getting certified, you can ensure that your staging services meet the highest standards, setting you apart from competitors and increasing your value to clients.

Additionally, Staging Studio's in-person master class provides advanced techniques for efficiency, logistics, marketing, and pricing support. Staging Studio’s training will solidify your position in the staging market.

As a furniture retailer, you are perfectly positioned to tap into the growing demand for home staging services. With your competitive pricing, logistical capabilities, showroom, established customer base, and design expertise, you have all the tools needed to excel. By obtaining  a professional staging certification from Staging Studio and leveraging your existing assets, you can offer unmatched value to real estate agents and homeowners, ensuring their properties stand out.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, Staging Studio is a great choice. Enroll in their Staging Design Professional® training and join their in-person master class. These programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully diversify your business and increase profitability​​.

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